Script to delete the files older then 2 days from All Available Drives On Servers:\AnyDirectory

  • Script below can be used to delete the files which are older then 2 days from All Available Drives On Servers:\AnyDirectory.
  • If you want to filter files with some particular extension please add the following handle to the script :
  • /m (searchmask) Searches files according to the specified search mask. The default search mask is *.\*.
  • More information about parameters and variables available can be found here
@ECHO off
Rem VERSION: 1.0
Rem DESCRIPTION: Script to delete the files which are older then 2 days from "All_Available_Drives_On_Servers:\AnyDirectory" directory
Rem How to use: Select the servers from hpsa and right click and run script,no user input is required.
Rem Disclaimer: The script has to be run on proper timings after the backup or what ever patching activity else you might loose data.

for /F "skip=1" %%Y in ('wmic Logicaldisk get caption') do  (
    for /F %%G in ("%%Y") do ( 
forfiles.exe /p %%G\AnyDirectory\ /m * /d -2 /c "cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE rmdir /Q @path /S"


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