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Adding Home Older Newer Post Buttons in new Blogger templates such as Contempo

Requirement: Add Home, Older, Newer Post Buttons in new Blogger templates such as Contempo. Solution: Hi for this jump to Blog widget in HTML editor of your template and find and replace code in includables with respective id's with the ones given below also change the order of buttons as shown below in postPagination includable as per your needs. Code given below shows button in this order   Older Posts Home Newer Posts Demo: Can be seen by clicking here and scrolling to end of page. Screenshot: Note: First page will display only Older posts button as there is nothing to go back when we are on landing or home page and the last page will display Previous posts button and the Home button as there is nothing left to go forward. Displays buttons in order provided here in frontend ,ID to search postPagination: <b:includable id='postPagination'> <div class='blog-pager container' id='blog-pager'> <b:include cond='data:new

Converting blogger HTML tables into Smart Responsive tables using CSS

Requirement: Make all HTML Tables in Blogspot responsive ,pretty & a bit smarter. How: Its 2 step process. Add CSS for styling to template Modify your Table Structure accordingly. Here is the  link   of the post having table with formatting provided below to see things in action, try changing size of browser to see how it adapts to various screen sizes. Here are some screenshots as well: On Desktop:  On Mobile/Tablets/Phones: Steps: 1: Add the following CSS code in template from HTML editor: <style> table { border: 1px solid #ccc; border-collapse: collapse; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; table-layout: fixed; } table caption { font-size: 1.5em; margin: .5em 0 .75em; } table tr { background-color: white; border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: .35em; } table th, table td { padding: .625em; text-align: center; } table th { font-size: .85em; letter-spacing: .1em; text-transform: uppercase; background-color: white; }