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Adding Contact form within Blogger Contact Page

Let me be quick on this one : This is 2 step process I am using Contempo template but things are pretty same for any blogger theme. Getting the contact form widget: Add a contact form gadget to sidebar from layout section to get the contact form and then hide it from sidebar by using CSS: style="Display:None;"  To do that jump to Contact form widget from Theme>> HTML Editor>>contact form widget and expand  <b:includable id='content'>  Find this:  <div class='contact-form-widget'> and replace it with this:  <div class='contact-form-widget' style='display:none!important'> Moving the contact form to Page: Create a new contact page from pages section switch to HTML editor add the following html between the div tags already present there and publish it. Note: Below code is coming from expanded content section of contact form widget from theme editor so in case you are facing some issues that's the place yo

How to make your own online Code Compiler Platform in 30 minutes

For this Demo Tute we will be showcasing just Python : Install Node.js from this will also install NPM on your Server\System. NPM will be used to install various packages given below to make this work: Install compileX using command given below on cmd: npm i compilex Install express using command given below on cmd: npm i express Install body-parser using the command given below on cmd: npm i body-parser Install Python on your Server\System as this will be used by our web app to execute code. Set Python in Path variable so that you can execute it from anywhere from cmd without traversing directories again and again. Add code given below to notepad and save it as TestPython.js in some directory. var express = require('express'); var path = require('path'); var app = express(); var bodyParser = require('body-parser'); app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({     extended: true   })); app.use(bodyParser.json()); //compileX var compiler

How to Automatically MSTSC or RDP into Windows Server without entering Password again & again

Like always will come directly to point: Disclaimer: This saves password in clear text in batch file so think before using it on a shared system.If this doesn't bothers you and its really necessary as your connection is too fluctuating go ahead and read below how you can do it. This is a 2 part process : Create batch file with all the commands given below and save it as NameOfBatchScript.bat this name is used in VBScript so make sure you replace it accordingly. Create a VBScript file with commands  given below to load the batch file we created in above step without showing the mstsc yes no prompts, save this file with any name you like(May be your Jump Server Name is best Choice for its name in case you have multiple due to multiple clients) but make sure to save it with extension  as .VBS Note: Replace the DomainName, Username & Password accordingly also IP with Server name\IP of server you are trying to connect if in same domain or with its FQDN if not in below