Installing OBS ? You better have DirectX installed on your system first

Like always cutting the crap short:

Quick Note: For those who didn't landed here searching for resolutions of error that they are facing during installation of OBS, OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software which is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.  

For those who are looking to Resolve Errors:
  • If you don't have DirectX installed on your computer system OBS will simply fail to install or may not work if by any chance it gets installed.
  • The other piece of software that's required for proper functioning of OBS is Visual C++ Redistributable now the thing to note here is you might be already having this supporter installed on your system but just like like fate has many different ways to screw us and our plans so does Windows and installers but the good news is we do have different versions of Redistributable available like 2012 2013 and 2015 etc to fix our fate for free in this case ,so yes few more other simple installations are required to make new things compatible and working,and please don't make the mistake to uninstall any old version of Redistributable just cos you installed a new one as it will leave your other old software that have dependency on old redistributable version unusable, so depending on how latest version of software you are trying to install on windows you might want to grab a latest copy of redistributable package as well, but keeping the old version intact at the same time.

Helper Links:

  1. How to download and install DirectX:  Downloading & Installing Directx 
  2. How to check version of  DirectX if you already have it installed on your system: Checking version of directx 
  3. Where to find and download latest Visual C++ Redistributable: Download Latest C++ Redistributable 
  4. Where to download OBS: Download


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