Part 3: List of Questions I have been asked in Interviews

  • How many synchronous and asynchronous nodes are possible in always on?
  • What is RRE lookup?
  • How do you resolve RRE lookup ?
  • What are different types of joins available in SQL server and visible in SQL server execution plans?
  • How many agents are there in replication? What are there names?
  • What is the work of distribution agent ?
  • Replication issues ? Primary key violation issues ? Row mismatched conflicts issues in replication?
  • How do you find out the replication issues errors?
  • How do you solve query timeout errors?
  • Have you worked on mirroring?
  • Have you worked on logshipping?
  • What is a listener?(always on )
  • Ola Hallengren's parameters ?
  • Sample size in Ola Hallengren's scripts?
  • What is the frequency that you are using for updating statistics?
  • Have you worked on SSIS ?
  • Like we have principal and mirror in mirroring ,publisher and subscriber in replication what do we have in terminology in always on ?
  • What is better index seek or index scans?
  • How do you validate that databases are healthy?
  • Have you seen error log completely? What are its contents when SQL server is restarted ?
  • How can you speed up the recovery ? Whats the name of the parameter that can help you in achieving this ?(something related to vlf)
  • What are the modes of database ? What happens when SQL server is shutdown and brought up no matter clean or during disaster (recovery process)
  • How do you do index maintenance ?
  • How do you plan for disk-space issues ?
  • Capacity planning ?
  • How will you convince client about adding more space ?(using auto-growth and file-group database has grown in last few months)
  • How do you solve query slow or timeout issues ?
  • Transaction log is not releasing space what could be the issue?(some active transaction keeping transaction log vlf as active due to which it will resist from releasing space)
  • What is rest API (as I had something in resume related to it)
  • Some questions about automation's(as I was a part of automation team as well in one of my previous company)
  • How many synchronous and asynchronous replicas can be possible in always on ?
  • What different types of joins are available in SQL server (nested ,hash etc)
  • Your expected ctc and current ctc?(though i was later informed that i didn't cleared the round may be as i asked amount which was not falling in there budget for this role)
  • What is row mismatch in replication ?(can be resolved by tablediff)
  • What is primary key violation in replication?(when row is already inserted in subscriber before it is inserted in publisher)


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