Things DBA's get asked during a day on Job

Things people ask to DBA's during a day on his\her Job:
  • Why this query is running slow?
  • Why this query is running slow from app but not from ssms?
  • Why this query is not picking up \using the right indexes?
  • Why this query is using right indexes when running from ssms and not when executed from app?
  • Why this query is running fast as SQL statement but running slow when same query is wrapped as a stored procedure?
  • Why query is timing out and in result application is throwing 50* errors?
  • Do we have proper indexes?
  • Can we create index on this column of that table?
  • How much time will it take to defragment the index?
  • Are index fragmented?
  • Can we rebuild the index now without downtime ?
  • Can we reorganize indexes without downtime ? How much time will it take ?
  • Why server is slow ?(When Backup and Update stats are running)
  • Can you make query use right index but not make use of option(recompile) or any other query hint at the same time?
  • Why people are unable to login ?
  • Why people are not able to change passwords?
  • Is there any latency in replication ?
  • Why there is latency in replication?
  • Why changes made are not reflecting in application ?
  • Why I am not able to connect to database?
  • Why I am not able to update or see any objects in the database?
  • I lost\forgot my sql login password how do I login into sql server ?
  • Why I am not able to restore a backup on my local sql server (express edition 10 GB limit backup size 1.4 tb,backup taken on 2014 trying to restore on 2008 ,2012 etc)
  • Why is transaction log getting full (millions of inserts etc being performed with recovery mode full and not simple or bulklogged)?
  • Will changing the compatibility level make any difference?(It does in version 2014 as it effects cardinality estimator that will be used to make query plans before they are executed)?
  • Do you think it will be safe to change the values of parameters like MAXDOP, CTOP ? How sure you are about it ? What testing are required for making these changes ?
  • What are the names of all indexes that have a particular column in them?
  • Is database refresh completed?
  • What is the size of this table size of that database etc?
  • How much time will it take to create a new index on this table ?
  • Can you please give me access to his database ?
  • Can you please set up a method to capture who made those changes (when someone breaks something)?
  • Can we know what changes were made ?
  • Can you revert back those changes ?
  • Triggers on this table?
  • Stored procedures having dependencies on this table?
  • Views using this table?
  • How much space will dropping this column release ?
  • Can we reorder the columns without any downtime or does it recreates the whole table ? How much time will it take ?
  • Sometimes I am able to login and sometimes not what is going on ?
And that's not all of it ...I will add more to the list when I remember more of it !


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