List of Questions I have been asked in Interviews

Note: If you are an interviewer and I have a interview scheduled with you in upcoming days or hours, please ask things which are not listed below so that I can have a opportunity to learn few more new things thanks ;)

This Page will be updated from time to time as I face new questions:
  • Do you know about System Pages GAM SGAM DCM ?
  • Different modes available in Always on?
  • Whats the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous modes available?
  • Which technology and version facilitates automatic page repairs in SQL Server?
  • Difference between 2016 and 2012 version of SQL Server (New things that are available or absent).
  • If latency is being observed in secondary replicas and transaction log on primary replica is full and not releasing space even after taking backup and shrinking and there is no open transactions what could be the possible reason and its resolution?
  • What is the need of Bulk log recovery model apart from its minimally logged benefit for bulk operations?
  • How did you optimized update statistics and Index maintenance tasks(monthly executable jobs for rebuilding indexes )?
  • What is checkpoint and lazy writer?
  • Whats the difference in checkpoint and lazy writer?
  • Have you ever analyzed Deadlock information thats logged in error log?
  • Whats the Trace number that on enabling logs deadlocks information in error-log?
  • What if during  SP patch or SQL server installation you encountered any error where do you see the details and how do you go forward and resolve it ?
  • What if driver where error log resides is not available and cant be brought up,how will you see the information about the errors and bring SQL Server up in case services are not coming up?
  • What is write ahead log?
  • How do you find and resolve replication latency issues ?
  • How does on-line index rebuild work ?
  • What kinda locks are on table during online index rebuild?
  • What are various types of locks available in SQL Server?
  • What all wait types are you aware of and have seen in SQL Server?
  • How did you speed up Backup and Recovery of databases?
  • What are different phases during sql server database restart?
  • How do you patch Always on setup ,how will you install SP?
  • How do you change error log location for SQL Server?
  • How did you resolve performance issues and queries being reported as slow?
  • Trace flags commonly used in SQL Server?
  • Trace flags for avoiding parameter sniffing?
  • Trace flags for logging backup and restore parameters SQL Server is using in error log?
  • What will happen if you changed recovery model to bulk logged from full momentarily for a bulk operation and then changed it back in case you have logshipping configured ? Will it still work ?
  • Can you do point in time restore when recovery model is bulklogged?
  • SQL server installation techniques apart from manual?
  • Are you proficient in scripting languages like Python,Powershell?
  • How will you solve blocking issues?
  • Change management?
  • Difference between reorganize and rebuilding of indexes?
  • What are column store indexes?
  • What is the difference between Primary Key and Unique Key?
  • What is stored procedure and its benefits?
  • Whats the difference between dynamic queries and stored procedures?
  • What is the execution order of commands and clauses in SQL queries?
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